Flint and Charlie: A short update

Flint and Charlie news!


I’ve been hard at work on Flint and Charlie the last month and sometime in the next week(s) I will put the game up on Steam Greenlight. This means there will be a Gameplay preview trailer which I have put together with the help of you who signed up for the beta. I really look forward to showing all of you what I’ve been making and I hope you’ll provide me with some great feedback!

Enjoy this pic of me looking all goofy infront of my workstation at home:



I wont, but Flint and Charlie will be at Gamescom this year. Flint and Charlie will be at the Sweden Game Arena booth:

Just ask find the booth at Hall 4.1 stand C25 and ask for Fredrik, he will hook you up with a playtest!

Future plan

After I have finished the demo that will be used at Gamescom and the Gameplay preview trailer me and Fredrik(My business coach) are going to sit down and make a plan for the following months and that will involve a lot more coverage of development. So stay tuned and dont forget to share your thoughts with me so we can make Flint and Charlie more awesomer together!


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