Flint and Charlie: Summary of August


In August I have been testing Flint and Charlie in different ways, playtest with other developers, posting stuff online for feedback/ideas and also trying to scale the development a bit. It was somewhere in there I realized that I needed to make a change in order to be able to actually create the game within the timeframe I have in mind. So, I started drawing up some concepts for the environment.

I got quite good feedback on the theme and it was quick to make so I decided that I will go in this direction going forward. After that I made a gameplay preview video:

The video got really bland response and it showed that the concept shown in the video either was to simple or did not really have anything “fresh” about it at all.

After that I tried showing a bit more of the platforming side of the game in a gif.

This got a huge response on reddit and showed really where my game idea shines and has the most pull. So I will be experimenting a bit more with the platforming aspect of the game. I will keep the puzzle parts of the game but not make them such a centerpiece as they were before. Since that is simply what I think you guys want from what I can tell. Otherwise, please tell me! Everybody who signed up for the beta and anyone reading this should feel free to say what they think and I will take that into consideration. I am making this game for you guys after all!

After that I did a redesign of flintandcharlie.com it looks quite nice in my opinion!

Future plan

Right now the next goal is to get on Steam Greenlight, I’ll be working about two weeks on that, making content for the greenlight page and sending it out to you guys and the internet to see what works and what does not.

Until next time!


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