Two Weeks Of Conferences

Two Weeks Of Conferences

I have been to Sweden Game Conference and Game Connection (Paris Game Week) and meet a lot of new people, told them about Kirikoro Studios and got a fresh perspective on a lot of things. The biggest insight I gained from this is that I really have to start cultivating my community with the fans of the games. After all, it is them I am making the games for and who better to talk about the games with than them?

A Scene from SGCA Scene from Sweden Game Conference, a lot of cool game related stuff going on at once!

Choosing a platform for the community

Since there are a lot of choices in how to make a community today I want to find out what the fans themselves prefer. There’s reddit, which I believe a lot of the fans use, but may not be active in and there are probably a lot of fans that are die-hard Imgurians who will never turn to Reddit. So in my mind I believe Steam would be a great place for the community, I believe that a lot of the fans have a Steam account already, it’s Game Centric, it’s a community already, all your friends are there. But, this is a hypothesis and any diligent business owner should base their decisions on facts rather than opinions. Something I learned from talking to Paradox CEO @TheWesterFront. So I have sent out an email poll to everyone who signed up for the newsletter and beta of Youbrawl.

Fredrik WesterBeing a cool guy, Fredrik Wester has time for small indiedevs even though he has a mainstage talk a few minutes later

Learning from the community

I started a topic on reddit to get some feedback on what gamers believe is the best way developers can interact with their fanbase. And now I have a large list of do’s and dont’s. Some contradict eachother but it seems like the general idea is: The more the better and being honest is what gets you all the way.

Full speed ahead

November and December will be filled with taking care of our fans and developing the game in collaboration with them. We will aim to have an internal alpha done in November and also have the current line up of Youtubers implemented and announced for Youbrawl.

Support us

The best way to support us is to follow us is to keep up to date and interact with us. Here are some ways to do that:

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