Bamsing - Day 10: Falling off mechanic

Day 10

Hi, My name is Pontus Lindgren @happypwn on Twitter. I’m 10 Days in on finishing this prototype of my game Bamsing.

What did I do on Day 10?

Today I built a mechanic for when the player falls of a platform or if the player uses the gravity shift mechanic to launch themselves into space or the horizon.

So now I have my basic mechanics to be able to test the puzzle mechanics I had in mind. And after testing it I feel like I have some problems. For one it’s very hard to determine where you will land when you do a gravity shift from “top to bottom”. So there I feel I might need to find a more natural way for the player to choose where to go. The mechanic I have now is also sort of all encompassing. There are not a lot of mechanics that can complement it, since it controls so much of the “world”. I’m going to have to think a lot about how I go forward and try to tackle these problems. But it’s really fun to get challenged by your game development!

How can you help?

You can help by providing feedback, I would love to hear absolutely any thoughts you have about the game.

And by following company in any of its outlets as well <3:

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