Life at The Game Incubator: Coaching sessions

Who am I?


My name is Pontus Lindgren. I am starting up my Game development company Kirikoro Studios. And this is an article series about me doing that at The Game Incubator in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You can read more about what The Game Incubator is and does in this post!

Coaching sessions

Coaching session in action Me(Sitting) and Joakim(Standing), who’s got his own company that is running and making a really cool webapp/game for all you people who are into, or want to get into writing. You compete with story writing and it’s called storywars. Anyway, we had a coaching session with our awesome coaches Christian and Fredrik. The purpose of the coaching session was to start thinking and working in the lean “Build, Measure, Learn”-methodology to handle our next steps with our companies.

The topic we worked with was Joakim’s next steps with his company and it was really cool to be able to give some help and learn at the same time. I felt it was very valuable for me to be able and take a step away from all the responsibility and just throw out some ideas and learn that way.

So with this newly learned set of skills I am going to start taking steps where I test my game ideas with my audience when they are in the idea/prototype stage, to see what people actually like. So get ready to give me some feedback on some gifs I’ll be producing real soon!

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