Youbrawl - The plan


This blog will detail the development plan for Youbrawl as it looks today.

Who’s in?

Boogie2988 Boogie is ready to wreck some noobs in Youbrawl.

There have been a number of developments with Youbrawl during September and October. We have gotten a large enough starting field of Youtubers to be satisfied for now. The Youtubers that are currently signed up are:

So thank you to all streamers who have shown interest in the project, I realize that this is an opportunity that wont come often and I promise I will do my best to bring the streamers and their fans something great.

What’s in?

Since the game has streaming as a big part of it. One of the top priorities will be to make sure that the game delivers many situations and moments that will be unexpected, surprising and funny to play as well as watch. And another top priority will be to deliver a funny brawling party game.

The game mode feature set that is planned right now is:

As for the gameplay itself. We are taking inspiration from games like Power stone, Last fight and Gang beasts. These games are often over-the-top and lend themselves to hilarious moments. We believe that the social aspect of the game is the most important one and we will try to cater to that audience first hand when it comes to multiplayer.

How will it be done?

In november there are a certain set of milestones that I want to acheive with Youbrawl’s development:

The goal here is to provide:


A big part of posting this plan online is so that you who’s reading this can have something to give feedback on. I cant tell if this plan is any good until I’ve heard from the fans.

Let me know if there is some part you need me to change! I’m open to suggestions.

Also I believe that the best content someone looking to play the game could get is an actual gameplay video. Right now I think the a gameplay video would be a bit disappointing and I want to change that as soon as possible so I can get a video in your hands, fast. But, if you want to see something else dont hesitate to say so and I will try to oblige!

Disclaimer: All youtubers named have given their explicit permission to be depicted in the game. Everything that I write here is planned, things can happen, and therefore everything is subject to change.

Support us

The best way to support us is to follow us is to keep up to date and interact with us. Here are some ways to do that:

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