Life at The Game Incubator: What is The Game Incubator?

Who am I?


My name is Pontus Lindgren @happypwn on twitter. And I am starting another article series about Life at The Game Incubator in Gothenburg, Sweden.

I’ll start by explaining what The Game Incubator is and how I got there. Sounds good right?

What is The Game Incubator?

If you look up Business incubator on wikipedia you get this:

“A business incubator in business speak is a company that helps new and startup companies to develop by providing services such as management training or office space.”

Incubator sitdown A sitdown coaching session at The Incubator

And that is exactly what The Game Incubator does. It’s run by a private company called Gothia Innovation AB who gets the funding for the project from the Swedish government. It’s mission is to help Game- and Gaming-related startups to grow.

There’s currently Two Game Incubators in Sweden, One in Skövde which helped companies that made games like Goat Simulator or Magicka 2. And a newly started one(January 2016) In Gothenburg which my company Kirikoro Studios is a part of.

Incubator percs Business coach at office with ping pong, coffee and VR. All the Incubator percs in a picture!

I get business coaching, office space(with coffee, ping pong and VR!) and access to a contact network called Sweden Game Arena, which The Game Incubator is a part of.

How did Kirikoro get in?

I had told my mother about my dreams of starting a game development company and that I was saving up money to do it one day. some time after that she sent me(My mom is the best!) a swedish news article about The Game Incubator opening its doors in Gothenburg. I applied instantly and got a meeting with the big boss two weeks later. Now I just had to make a business plan and a game to show in that time… So, I took my most complete game prototype and used up all my free time to develop a demo which I could show at the meeting. And then after about a week and one more meeting I got in!

When I think about why I got in, and why I think other Founders got their company in. The only real common theme is that we are open minded people who have a willingness to listen and learn.

Life at The Incubator series

So this was the first installment of this article series I call “Life at The Game Incubator”. The series will include bios of other people and companies at The Incubator and what is happening and more.

I will be posting more soon, I’ll promise to do one tomorrow!

Dont miss the next post!

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