Life at The Game Incubator: GDL

Who am I?


My name is Pontus Lindgren @happypwn on twitter. I am starting up my Game development company Kirikoro Studios. And this is an article series about me doing that at The Game Incubator in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You can read more about what the incubator is and does in this post!

Game Dev Lounge

The 17th of May my office mates Skygoblin currently working on The Journey Down 3 arranged together with other game development studios an event called Game Dev Lounge. Its a chance for game developers to drink beer, play games and most importantly network. The event had some talking session at the visual arena in lindholmen where Kate from IGDA talked about why Sweden should create an IGDA chapter.

And then after the sessions everybody went to The Game Incubator to hang out!

Here’s a lot of the game development talent in Gothenburg in one picture hanging out at GDL. You got Hotline miami Jonatan, Christopher and Josef who just released The Aquatic Adventure of the Last Human and Erik Svedäng who’s released a ton of cool games, we’re testing his latest and greatest game Stomp in the picture. Get Stomp for free on

I got to meet a ton of cool people, everything from indie studios like myself to people who work at EA. I really hope to go to more events like these soon and meet more people, and hopefully that time I’ll definitely have a game other people can try as well!

And a sweep of what the office looked like the day after GDL:

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