Life at The Game Incubator: Visit from Gothenburg Municipality

Who am I?


My name is Pontus Lindgren. I am starting up my Game development company Kirikoro Studios. And this is an article series about me doing that at The Game Incubator in Gothenburg, Sweden.

You can read more about what The Game Incubator is and does in this post!

Visit from Gothenburg Municipality

Yesterday we got a visit from The Municipality of Gothenburg. It is our local government that also are the ones who decided to give funds to The Game Incubator here in Gothenburg. So, without them no Game Incubator!

The reason for their visit was to show some young people who landed a sweet “feriearbete”, a form of government sponsored summer job, how startups in Gothenburg work. So the young people in the picture below(I’ll let your imagination decide on who I mean) got to meet and greet all the companies in The Game Incubator and hear a little bit of who they are and what they do.

Local government employing young people!

I thought the best way to explain what I do was to show them! So I just asked if they wanted to play videogames and the answer was yes!

They had a blast and it was nice to see that my game can appeal to a younger audience, I thought my target audience would be older but maybe it’s younger? I’m going to have to test this for sure!

Dont miss the next post!

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